Monitor Msn Chat Conversation

Stealth Chat Monitor 1.8

Stealth Chat Monitor 1.8: Stealth Chat Monitoris - an invisible, easy to use surveillance application. Stealth Chat Monitor is an invisible, easy to use surveillance application, designed to monitor and record all chat conversations that took place on a computer. Stealth Chat Monitor captures popular chat and instant messaging services, like Yahoo Messenger, MSN, ICQ, IRC, Google Talk, Skype and provides you with a clear record of all conversations that have taken place.

Messenger Backup 3.5: Backup and restoring your favorite messengers (ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! and MSN)
Messenger Backup 3.5

Backup and restoring your favorite messenger (ICQ, AIM, Yahoo! and MSN) conversations, buddy list, received files, bookmark to a compressed file and much more! Messenger Backup`s Chat Logger will automatically logs your AIM or MSN chat conversations! Messenger Backup also include a Scheduled Backup feature when you want it to backup at preset time during boot up.

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MSN Checker Sniffer 2.5.2: Block,monitor,sniff or record MSN Chat conversations on remote Computers
MSN Checker Sniffer 2.5.2

MSN Checker Sniffer allow you to remotely monitor, block or record MSN conversations, If your kids (or spouse!) are spending too much time chatting via MSN, or you suspect they`re engaged in dangerous conversations, MSN Checker Sniffer is a very simple way to find out and stop it. And export all intercepted messages to HTML files for later processing. It`s easy to use, and it will monitor all conversations without the use of client software installed

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IMMonitor MSN Spy 2.2.8: Capture and Sniff MSN Messenge chat conversations on all computers in network
IMMonitor MSN Spy 2.2.8

Monitor MSN Spy allow you to monitor, block or record MSN conversations remotely, Is your spouse, child, or friend hiding secrets from you? or you suspect they`re engaged in dangerous conversations, If so IMMonitor MSN Spy is your best choice for anyone that needs this information quickly and secretly. It`s easy to use and no additional program installation is needed on the monitoring target computers. No one will know how their MSN conversations

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IMMonitor 2.3: Monitor chat content, email content and web surfing activities in your network
IMMonitor 2.3

Web Surfing Monitor, Monitor all web surfing activities. Chat Monitor, Monitor and archive all instance message conversations in your LAN, include AIM, ICQ, MSN, YAHOO. Email Record, Save all email messages automatically. Easy to deploy, One computer to monitor the whole lan. Remote Access, Web UI, support remote access. Free version can monitor 3 stations, No Trial Period Limit.

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ChatChecker 3.4: Free service to monitor your family`s chat: AOL, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk
ChatChecker 3.4

ChatChecker is a free service to monitor your family`s AOL, MSN, Yahoo, GoogleTalk chat With ChatChecker, you just install the software on your PCs at home, and view their conversations privately at the ChatChecker website. You`ll get daily usage reports, and warnings via email if any watch words (that you define) are used. Best of all, its free.

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MSN Spy Monitor 3.0: Monitor how your computer has been used while you are away.
MSN Spy Monitor 3.0

MSN and Yahoo Messenger), keystrokes, screenshots, websites visited, searching keywords, file or program downloaded, applications used, etc. It also can block unwanted or harmful websites, filter searching keywords, block chat conversations from unwanted people. Additionally it can Send logging reports in text format to a pre-set email box. Don`t you want to know what your children are doing on their computer? Do they take secret chat conversations

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